Free-lancing since 2011

In 2011, i had my first job as a stage hand, called in just before showstart. A lot has happened since then, but one thing has remained the same; An enthustiastic approach to new and foreign tasks and a willingness to listen to the experts on the field.

In the periode 2011-2018, i have had several jobs throughout the television and event industry ranging from Stagerigger to sound designer and had responsibilities ranging from technician to team leader.
In 2018, i changed direction and focused more on engineering and have been employed at two large engineering firms, focusing on mechanical design, automation and production.
To further build on automation skills, i am currently studying a masters in autonomous systems, focusing on advanced control algorithms such as model predictive control.

As part of My innovation experiences, i’ve been repeatedly assigned to foodtech startups, which has given insights into convenience trends, fermentation techniques using various molds and spores. The latest project -Nordic Crabs, won the X-tech challenge and is currently being developed in the Skylab Foodlab to be made ready for product launch.

As a side project, i try and engage myself in designing and building lighting installations in the greater copenhagen area for large events, such as Roskilde festival and others.

I’m currently looking into master thesis projects, drone control and new lighting projects. Feel free to contact me if any of the above should have peaked your interest



To increase efficiency and engagement, by utilizing new technologies and innovative processes.


Solving sustainability problems by creating new value chains, from existing ressources.


  • Development through personal engagement
  • Progress through communication
  • Technology driven solutions
  • Keep it simple